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Do you fall into the 93% of small businesses overpaying in taxes?

Click the button below to learn how you can save thousands this year!

Wonder why the rich pay so little in taxes? 
When you work with the genie,
ou can get the same tax-reducing strategies they do!

Stop leaving money on the table!

With a tax planner, I work with you throughout the year to PROACTIVELY qualify you for every deduction, credit, loophole, and strategy available (not just the ones you accidentally got last year). ALL while supporting every tax recommendation with the US tax code.

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Automated bookkeeping does not have to be inaccurate!

Most accounting tasks can, and should be automated! But that should not sacrifice accuracy. All the tax planning in the world, will not save you from a surprise bill or an uninformed decision due to weak bookkeeping. I can help you ensure you have strong systems and multiple financial controls in place to avoid surprises.

Strong Bookkeeping + Strong Tax Planning =
More Cash Flow...and Profit!

Reducing taxes improves your cash flow and frees up money that you can invest back in your business. You can now hire the extra staff you need to grow and take that well-earned vacation you deserve!

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At TaxPlanGenie, we let the numbers do the talking!

What makes working with The Genie different from other tax pros?

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Tax Planning Strategy Call

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