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Business is booming!


..but the tax bill keeps growing and managing the books feels overwhelming.

I can help you take back control & save you money!

What's different?

I know how it feels to have your hard-earned dollars diminished by taxes!

  • Tax Planning has saved my clients thousands of $

  • Accurate bookkeeping has helped my clients make informed decisions and avoid surprises

  • Strong bookkeeping + Tax Planning = More Cash Flow...and Profit for my clients!

How it Works


Schedule a free tax assessment call

  • Tell us about you

  • ...Your business

  • ...Your financial goals


Quick Start Onboarding

  • Upload your tax docs

  • Share your business financials

  • Discuss details about your finances


Get your custom
Tax Plan

We present you with your customized tax plan &

estimated tax savings!


 Execute the Plan together!

  • Update your plan quarterly to adapt to you

  • Calculate estimated tax payments (if any)

  • Review financials together

  • Ensure your savings are reflected on your tax return


Are you prepared to break free and stop falling into the 93% of small businesses overpaying in taxes?

Click the button below to learn how you can save thousands this year!

Runner Crossing Finish Line

Claim your financial victory!

Improve your bottom-line,

all while gaining peace of mind!

Breeze through tax season

Save Money on Taxes

Know your financials

Get answers to your questions within 1 day

Make informed decisions

Increase your Cash Flow

Invest in you & your business!

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I. Juliet King, CPA

ID Board Lic CP-6649


Thanks for Contacting TaxPlanGenie!

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